Brain Cancer research, Inc. was created and founded by Natalie W. Crate and Bradley T. Crate.  The organization was formed because of their own courageous battle and experience with brain cancer.  Unfortunately, Natalie lost her battle with brain cancer in 2014 but her spirit lives on. The mission is to provide caregivers and patients of brain cancer support as well as donate to projects whose purpose is to defeat brain cancer.


Natalie was diagnosed with brain cancer in February of 2007, 21 years to the day that her father died of the same type of brain tumor. She has battled courageously and fearlessly ever since. Natalie and her husband Bradley have seen first hand how unrelenting, intractable, and difficult brain cancer is. The battle against cancer is scary, exhausting, tiresome, expensive, and debilitating. Anyone can become afflicted by this disease and despite great advances in science and technology; brain cancer continues to befuddle researchers by its complexity and size. While there are existing 501(c)3 organizations dedicated to research and providing information to the public, the threat and scope of brain cancer is so monolithic and pervasive in scope, there is a strong need for, Inc. to help financially disadvantaged patients/caregivers and financially strapped research projects in their daily battle. Various studies indicate that around 700,000 people in the United States of America have either a brain tumor or a central nervous system tumor., Inc. has gathered a Board of Directors together that has the same commitment as Bradley and Natalie to fighting brain cancer by empowering patients and caregivers. The Board of Directors has geographical diversity with members residing in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The Board of Directors has a broad array of talents and experience. They have experience in financial management, the law, education, public policy, and executive management. The Board will help to launch, Inc., to fundraise, to recruit a volunteer base, to recruit possible employees in the future, and oversee the organization so it stays faithful to its noble mission and tax-exempt purpose.

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